What is The Method?

OPINION: Rafel Bisquerra, Director of Postgraduate Studies in Emotional Education and well-being, and Postgraduate studies in Emotional Intelligence in Organizations at the University of Barcelona.

"After the outdoor training that we do every year with our two Postgraduates, I've spent two days at La Granja in Santa Maria de Palautordera. My experience has been magnificent in every sense and the evaluation is 10 out of 10 according to my pupils. The activities were dynamic and very well planned by Andrés Martín and the team at La Granja, managed and directed with a great 'savoir faire' by the excellent professionals in their staff, all of them emotional education enthusiasts. Our relationship with them was unbeatable, the food was delicious, the landscape is spectacular and the facilities are just great. I am not surprised, therefore, that La Granja has become a place of reference for the training of emotional skills, both for those who are doing formal school education (children and teenagers) as well as for the training of a adults (families, businesses, etc.)."


*Scientific Evaluation Study of the La Granja Method© performed by the GROP, (Educational Orientation Research Group from the University of Barcelona (November 2017), using a sample of 132 children between the ages of 8 and 14. The study proves there are significant changes between before and after the study in the 5 emotional competences observed (awareness, regulation, autonomy, competence for life and wellbeing). The study also evaluates level of anxiety in the students, showing a significant decrease in the different states of anxiety.