We are trying to share what we know from schools, teachers, universities and families. And the fastest and most effective way we have found is to make practical training and demonstrations.

Here you will find the training activities that we have organized for this course, aimed at professors, families, universities and anyone who wants to learn the emotional education tools that have been put into practice that give us results with children each day come to La Granja .

Training Session on Emotional Education for teachers and professors   9,30h a 15,30h, lunch is included Half day morning FREE
Training Session on Emotional Education for School Directors and Coordinators  9,30h a 15h, lunch is included Half day morning FREE
Emotional Education in Schools and High Schools An introduction to Emotional Education in a practical and understandable way. We will visit your school. 4 sessions of 1,5h

Conferences for parents and parents meetings

We offer lectures for parents and talks for faculty staff. FREE
Day Trip for school staff  at La Granja To start or end the scholar year in a different way, assembling and understanding each other much better Half day morning + lunch
Emotional workshop for school staff at La Granja Training Activities practical to gain resources and tricks to educate your kids and students 2 days, 1 night
Try the emotional education with you children One morning with your family  in La Granja trying emotional education to know each other much better Day Trip in the morning
Recognized Courses for school staff

¿Do you want to train the faculty meeting on Emotional Education? ¿You do not have enough budget and can't afford the trip to La granja?

Personal training
CEEP, credit units in Emotional Education for teachers University credits practical training of 30h, certified by  Departament de Educació with Núria Sánchez Romanos July or October
Educational pils for adults Are you a mother, instructor or a professional managing people? with Núria Sánchez Romanos. from 10 to 17h
Family Training A full training day for parents and children, outdoors. Con Núria Sánchez R. from 10 to 17h
Personal and Professional Development With Núria Sánchez Romanos. On Demand