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The following are opinions expressed by parents of children attending our Summer Camps and School Trips:



 -Enol has had a great time during camp. He seems more mature, as if he had grown up, acquiring more "inner balance", a very important factor... he is more independent, nicer, more thoughtful and affectionate with his family. As parents, we will cherish this experience and hope that it will help us to be happier and learn how to enjoy our role as parents more fully.

 A big hug from

Sofía, Miguel y Enol


-I am Yaiza’s mother. I have no words to express how I feel ... your emails have conveyed peace and tranquility ... and what about the photos!, we wanted more ...

I don’t  need to talk to my daughter to know that she has had a great experience

The story has brought us closer to her and helped us understand many things, we've also shed a few tears, at least I have...

I want to give thanks and say that, if we can, we would like to return next year ...

By the way, is there no magic camp for parents? I think we really need it!

See you on Saturday!





My daughter Judith misses you already, she is pensive and a little sad, the rebel in her suddenly appears when we speak to her. We tell her that one year goes by really fast until it is time to come see you again. Her answer is extraordinary and marvellous : Mom, I'm sad because these people are very important to me.

Frankly, I agree with her!


Have a good summer!


My name is Núria, Aina's mother , from Carla's group. I've been wanting to write to you for days.

My congratulations for your summer camp. I think it is fantastic and the kids have a great time. You made Aina very happy every day and she came home exhausted but very excited. Your natural surroundingsand facilities are just great, offering the children a sense of freedom and endless possibilities, really excellent. Fantastic!

When I was a child I was lucky to go to camp for 2 weeks in the mountains every year. When I bring my daughter to the Granja I am reminded of those great times and the fun I had back then. I am very glad to bring her here so she can have a similar experience.

I would also like to say that I am very happy with her monitor Carla. I enjoy speaking and sharing with her every day, but most important is how close Aina feels to her,  Carla has taken very good care of Aina and has phoned me to share her interest at all times. I am so grateful!!!


A kiss and a hug from our entire family!

 (By the way... Our little Jana, who is four months old, is already on the list to attend the Little Farmers kindergarden in September 2013!!!)


Thank you for your project. 

Thank you for making it credible, because you work with great coherence and your effort has become very visible to us parents through the window you have opened every day to let us see and understand what was happening. 
Thank you for making the spirit of La Granja settle in our home for over a month; a month that has literally flown by, the most important thing being Ariadna's experiences with you. Our conversations every evening were centered around all the things she had learned, and the things she already knew which had been strengthened and made more fun. Best of all is that all this has been done with an emotional rather than material approach.
Thank you for your warm approach, for answering all my mails and responding to my restlessness with patience, as if I was the only mother with a child in camp: Incredible!!
Thank you to all your staff: We are infinitely grateful to Marc, with his beautiful friendly smile every morning when the bus arrived or when saying goodbye in the afternoon, and the incredible dose of responsibility with which he works with the kids. There are also a thousand reasons to thank Montse and Raquel, considering that our child Ariadna is constantly mentioning them with joy in her voice, and especially the way Montse received us the day we met. Also, the songs sung by Albert with his guitar which have become regular tunes sung by all of us around the house when we feel relaxed and  content. 
And what can I say that you don't already know about the horses??, jajajaja.
I am aware that it may not be fair to pinpoint only a few members of your staff, because the entire team is just great, but these are the ones who have touched us directly in our experience with you La Granja as a whole.
Other things: your magazine "va d'educació", the blog, your letters in "la vanguardia", your outlook on education, just about everything, is priceless. Please continue doing what you do and we will gladly follow you as long as we can.


Hello Cristina,

I am the mother of  the Lazzaro children,  Ariadna and Gerard, and I wish to express my congratulations for your work;  this year my kids have attended La Granja for a week and they are delighted, every day they come home with a smile on their face and full of emotions, saying that it's been such a wonderful day.

As mothers do, I worry about my children's education and I am very grateful to La Granja Escola. This year we have only had a taste of what you do, but I am sure we will consider returning next summer so my kids can enjoy your activities once again. Your work is a gift for our children, our future adults.


Thank you for being there and doing what you do.



Hello Cristina. 

My daughters Ainhoa and Eva  have spent a few days at La Granja. Thank you!!!! Thank you for your warmth these days, thank you for the self esteem you have given them, thank you for the shared responsibility, ....the world would be a better place if we could have a Granja at home!!. It has been a pleasure for them and a great experience. 



Hello and good morning to everyone at La Granja!!

After the end of summer festival on Friday and the magnificent letter that my son Carles received, together with his photograph alongside one of the horses, I have been considering what to say, and after two days I can only come up with one clear thought: MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO MAKE THE MAGIC OF LA GRANJA POSSIBLE!!!!! 
Thanks to all your staff, thanks to Marc for escorting my kid to and from the bus every day and for being a point of reference for all us parents, thanks to Graciela and the assistants, for keeping Carles company every day (and helping him to find all the things he kept loosing!!) Thanks to the cooks, the cleaning staff, the farm animals,  for making Carles spend such a fantastic summer; and also, thank you Cristina for your daily mails, for opening a window to La Granja for us every day!!
Have a great summer!!
Maia  and Carles 
A big hug and kiss!!!


Laia has been spending the month of July with you for the past 3 years and, although she was only 4 years old when she came for the first time and I was a little "skeptical" because she was so young and alone and didn't know anyone yet, the truth is that during these 3 summers she's had a great time. At the end of July or even before that,  she always says that she wants to return the following year, ... In other words, she is HAPPY  here with you. 



Eva, Carla, Graziela, Montse, Cristina and the entire team.

Thank you for your dedication, warmth and affection. These four weeks have been wonderful and unforgettable for all of us.

It was not an easy task to manage to make our child Isabel wake up every morning with a smile on her face. The eagerness to start another day at La Granja made her wake up earlier every day ;-)  Incredible!!!!

Apart from this and many other related experiences, we wanted to congratulate you on yesterday's wonderful party  and especially the end of summer festival. I must confess that both my husband and I were moved. Thank you.

See you soon.

Ana and Carlos,


Hello, my name is Cinta and I am Núria's mother. I wanted to thank you because Nuria is delighted to have spent 15 days with you; it has been a very fun and unforgettable experience, and she told me something very clearly:
-MOM NEXT YEAR I WANT TO GO BACK THE ENTIRE MONTH. I've made many friends and have loved the experience.
Then her eyes filled with tears and I told her: 
-Don't worry darling, mom will take you back next year.


Dear Cristina

This is only to thank you and your entire team for the magnificent work you carry out.

As a parent I think it is admirable and I believe that all children who pass through La Granja will later inadvertently apply the emotional values they have learned.

Thank you and keep up the good work





This is only to thank you all for the work you do at La Granja. My son has been very happy with you during these weeksand I will never forget his face when saying goodbye to his friends and the monitor. We hope to repeat the experience next year! Happy holidays.



I have written many times to thank you for the wonderful summers my son has spent with you, but today I would also like to add something else:
The task that you carry out with our children every summer during the month of July is so much more than just regular summer camp; you teach them how to manage in life and also that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to: you give them a set of values... 
As is the case with all parents, for us it is very important to feel that we are leaving Marc with people who will take good care of him and teach him so many valuable things. 
For children such as Marc, who feels a passion for nature and animals, being with you is like being in paradise. 

A little anecdote I would like to share with you.
Last night my son told me:
- Mom, I think time had never flown by as fast as it has this summer. Tomorrow is the last day and next year is also the last summer (and his voice sounded sad). I think I will cry tomorrow when we say goodbye.
And my answer was:
- Don't worry and enjoy the time you still have left with your friends. Tomorrow will be a very intense and special day.
There was nothing more I could say because I was very touched. But I gave him a huge hug and he loved it.

Again, many thanks and see you next year. A big kiss and hug, 
M. Carme


 Good day, I am Umberto and Maite´s mother,

This is only to thank your TEAM on the work done this week. Congratulations to your CAMP LEADERS, they have definitely won my kids over. (No names given in case I leave someone out). 

 Hoping to see you next year.


 Family of Tesi Garcia


Hello Cris, I don't know whether you will read this before or after the holidays, hopefully when you return to work in September, so we can look back together on everything I saw and felt on the last day of Camp in La Granja, an event that becomes more and more special every year. 

From the moment you turn left and drive into La Granja you feel the excitement of something unusual in the air and an invitation to savour it. A blend between calm, bustle and affection. The heat is made more bearable by the smiles of the Camp Leaders....even when they are exhausted or do not know you personally, they always smile! A few buses have already departed, only the latecomers are still here, and a few girls are sitting braiding their hair in the shade of the mulberry trees. Other younger children are chasing around the yard, trying to through water at each other on these hot midsummer afternoons... among them is my son who grew up with your wisdom and affection since he was a two year old little dwarf ...

Maybe this is the reason why he is such a good child with a peaceful "La Granja" type of tempo as I like to call it when they tell me at school that he is such a happy child....And everyone is surprised by his agility, his ability to climb trees, his enjoyment of running accross fields .....

Yesterday was the last day of the year for all of us (parents and children) at La Granja, and it was a compendium of feelings that made you want to shout, cry and express all the emotions experienced during these weeks.

Many of us parents understood what we already "suspected " according to our children's comments at home during the summer: companionship , the value of respect, the strength in the search for the important values that we are always scared to lose. The values that we admire and look to from afar.  

 I was very moved, Cristina, and needed to tell you that I couldn't stop applauding and felt very close. I value your task very much and I'm very glad to have been sending my children to a Summer Camp where everything is experienced with excitement and affection. Enough for today, but I would like to add how special it is to be able to make children so happy. 


Gemma Espinagosa de Ossó


Excitement is what we feel during the month of August and also during the rest of the year after spending a month in the summer at La Granja(although parents are not there physically, only in heart and soul). Our anecdote this year is in relation to our young one,Biel, who is four years old! He woke up the first morning at home after summer camp was over  and ran to us yelling  "mom, mom, we've overslept and the bus will be leaving without us!!". When he realized he would not be going to La Granjathat day he spent a good while weeping and full of sadness. He couldn't understand why! I believe this speaks for itself. You would be surprised to see the entire family singing and dancing all the songs from the festival, we've even taped a video titled La Granja2010 that we take with us everywhere. What we do now is count down until next summer, every day we cross out a day on the calender to see how many days are left (we haven't told the kids yet that they will be coming back in February, it's a surprise!!).

The school year has begun quite well, but the first thing both kids said was  "mom, school is a little boring, we prefer La Granja. Whencan we go back?...", "School is ok, but can we go back to La Granja?...", "We are going back, right?".... Frankly, it is fascinating to hear them talk with such enthusiasm and excitement about La Granja. Tohear them talk about their experiences during camp and remember things they did in the summer; to see their faces light up as they recall their adventures!. I love it. And you are the ones who make all this possible!. A million thanks for the happiness, enthusiasm, and zest for life that you provide,...please continue to do so year after year.

This is so much more than just a regular summer camp. A time full of life experiences that help them to grow healthier and happier. Well, enough of my jabber (as my children would say) because it would be such a long list of praises to the magnificent work you do. A huge hug from 

Clàudia, Biel, Gemma i Toni (Familia Cruz )

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  

Good afternoon Cristina

Mi name is Eric, maybe you remember me, I did English camp and horseback riding with you this summer with Heather.

I'm writing this mail to let you know I had a great time, and also that I didn't think learning would be so important because, after all, I was on vacation. 

I've just started school again and on the third day I had an English test: and this is when I realized how important the classes with Heather have been. I scored 10 out of 10 and everybody asked where I had taken English lessonsand my answer was "nowhere", I had just been to camp during the summer and had a great time! I had learned a lot wihout realizing that I was doing so. I've always believed that bad experiences should be pointed out if necessary in order to correct them, but good things should also be underlined since they are good to hear in school or during sports training.

I would like you to thank Heather for me and also the rest of the staff at La Granja.

A big kiss and see you next year.

Eric Gargallo. 12 years old


Hello Cristina

¿Cómo ha ido el verano? Como mínimo debéis haber descansado, que después de un julio con tanta caña seguro de que os hacía falta.

Aprovecho para decirte que durante todo el verano los niños me han ido preguntando si el año que viene podrán repetir con vosotros, ¡se lo pasaron tan bien!

Quiero felicitaros por el equipo tan majo que sois, sé que es muy difícil, y más cuando se trata de un grupo bastante grande como sois vosotros. En vuestro caso te aseguro que todos sois maravillosos, personal de oficina y monitores y ayudantes.

La enhorabuena de todo corazón, mantened por favor este ritmo, yo siempre digo que los niños no son tontos, y cuando hay malos rollos entre monitores, o ven desgana, etc se dan cuenta de ello enseguida. ¡En la Granja en cambio todo el equipo transmite ilusión, tanto a los niños como a padres, hasta el punto que yo decía a mis hijos que yo también querría ir a la granja!

Besos a todos y hasta pronto.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Buenos días Cristina

Somos los padres de Marc Coll y tuvimos la oportunidad de conocer La Granja y a vosotros este verano por primera vez. Aprovecho este mail para haceros llegar nuestro agradecimiento por todo.

Por el mes de Mayo y dirigidos por unos amigos de Granollers, miramos vuestra Web por primera  vez y la verdad es que los dos coincidimos en que estaba muy bien. Pero, sinceramente esperamos que no nos lo tengáis en cuenta, nos creímos que erais unos cracks en marketing.

Una cosa que a nosotros nos ha resultado sorprendente son las  ganas, el empuje y la ilusión que ponéis. ¡¡ Incluso  parece que sea fácil todo lo que hacéis!!

A nosotros también nos habéis hecho reflexionar a la hora de educar,¡¡¡que siempre es bueno!!!

Permíteme finalmente personalizar el agradecimiento también al equipo más cercano a Marc (La Montse y la Marina) y todos aquéllos y aquéllas que velaron por su educación y seguridad.

Un abrazo

Marc, Maria y Carles Coll

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hola a todos,

Volveros a felicitar por las vivencias que nos dejáis a todos en el recuerdo. Fue una fiesta genial, las canciones y los bailes, las caras de los monitores, niños, ayudantes, …. Eran la expresión máxima de la felicidad, la paz, la convivencia y la complicidad vivida entre todos.

Sólo puedo decir que a pesar de todo lo que os decimos también hay muchas cosas que no se pueden expresar y esto no os lo podremos hacer sentir nunca, aunque pienso que seguro que lo podéis recibir de alguna manera.

Muchos besos a todos de la familia Jaen

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hola Cristina y compañía,

Soy Neus, la madre de Ferran i Núria Sala que vinieron al casal en julio. Tenía mis reservas, un poco de miedo, el autocar…., me parecía lejos…. Pero la experiencia ha sido del todo positiva, para mí y sobre todo para ellos. Verlos que no les hacía pereza venir en coche desde Tona y después coger el autocar en Cardedeu y que me explicasen lo que hacían cada día me demostraba que disfrutaban. Es un espacio diferente a todos los casals, naturaleza, caballos, piscina….

Quizá ahora veo que para la mayor habría sido mejor venir todo el día, se hacían más actividades, se quedaban a dormir…….. pero ahora que lo sabemos de cara al próximo verano ya lo haremos.

Os quiero agradecer sinceramente vuestra dedicación.

Muy buenas vacaciones a todos y un abrazo.

Neus Vilà

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Buenos días Raquel

Sinceramente, os agradezco el trabajo que estáis haciendo. Es el primer año que mis “socios” (Hector y Joan) vienen aquí, y te podemos asegurar que desde el primer día, ha sido un montón de  sorpresas y detalles vuestros, que nos han dado mucho que pensar  y hablar.

Realmente, estamos encantadísimos con esta experiencia y sólo podemos tener palabras de agradecimiento hacia todos vosotros.

Gracias por hacer posible un verano maravilloso.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hola a todos,

Ya se ha acabado La Granja y como siempre ha sido fantástico para los niños, se lo han pasado muy bien y tienen recuerdos muy especiales.

En fin, un año más que habéis ayudado a que los padres que trabajamos nuestros hijos estén en buenas manos y que sobre todo estemos tranquilos, que disfrutan y disfrutan de un casal muy profesional y realmente preparado para ellos, los mas importantes.

¡¡¡¡De parte de Maria Canals y del Arnau Canals del casal mañanas os deseamos un muy buen verano y un abrazo muy fuerte!!!!

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Hasta pronto y gracias por todo!!!!!!!

Montserrat González

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Buenos días, soy la madre de Max Aymà de 9 años que estuvo con vosotros la ultima semana de Julio. Querría felicitaros a todo el equipo por las colonias de verano 2009. Era la primera vez que Max marchaba tantos días solo, se lo pasó perfecto y volvió contentísimo.

Podéis estar satisfechos que ha crecido por fuera y lo que es más importante, por dentro. ¡Gracias a todos y seguid trabajando como hasta ahora!.


Marta Cabré.Mataró

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -    

Buenos día a todo el equipo de la Granja,

Muchas gracias por estas dos semanas… La Maria y la Berta están encantadas…. Han sido dos semanas para ellas llenas….Deseo que el próximo año puedan inscribirlas la segunda quincena de julio. ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Quieren repetir!!!!!!!! ¡¡¡Seguro!!!.

¡Muchas felicidades a todos y a todas! ¡Hasta el próximo verano!!!

Ruth Danís

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -                      

No se si ya estaréis de vacaciones o aun estáis funcionando, solo estas pequeñas palabras, para felicitaros por el gran festival que hicisteis, y animaros a seguir en esta dirección donde afortunadamente cada día somos más los que pensamos así, a ver si poco a poco vamos dejando de ser una minoría para llegar a ser más personas en la gran mayoría.

Adelante, nos vemos el año que viene

Clàudia Serradell (madre Adrià)

PD: Un abrazo a la Tania, Adrià estuvo llorando desde que salimos de La Granja hasta que llegamos a Granollers, decía que estaba muy triste y que os encontraría a faltar mucho, yo le decía que el año que viene volvería, pero no le era el consuelo, me contestaba que aun faltaba mucho.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -         

Hola Cristina,

Tenia claro que después de las vacaciones, una de las primeras cosas que haría seria enviarte un correo para agradeceros todo el trabajo hecho en La Granja. El lema casal de verano me pareció fantástico. Te aseguro que en casa hemos hablado mucho tanto con el Roger como con la Marina, a pesar de que es un tema que ya habíamos tocado bastantes veces, ha sido una manera de hacerles ver que La Granja transmite los mismos valores que en casa (tu sabes muy bien como es, de difícil, encontrar padres que pongan en practica el “mas ser, menos tener”). Yo también estoy en el mundo de la educación y te aseguro que muchas veces tengo la sensación de luchar contra los valores que esta sociedad nos quiere imponer, y es agotador. El mensaje de los diferentes correos que nos habéis ido mandando a lo largo del casal, era tan claro, tan real… Te aseguro que para mi fue muy gratificante ver como desde La Granja hacéis todo lo posible por enseñar a los niños a crecer como personas y no como maquinas, a aprender a resolver los problemas y no esperar a que te lo resuelvan los otros. De verdad que os felicito por el trabajo hecho y os animo a continuar con estas ganas. Yo también apuesto por la educación emocional, la inteligencia emocional.

¡Ah!, y también decirte que el festival ¡fue una pasada! Los niños lo hicieron muy bien, pero el mensaje que había detrás de cada espectáculo… ¡fantástico!

Muchas felicidades,



Buenos dia, soy la madre de  Umberto y Maite,

Solo quería dar las gracias ha vuestro EQUIPO por el trabajo que habeis realizado esta semana. Felicitar a los MONITORES porque se han ganado a mis hijos. (No doy nombres no sea que me deje alguno).

Espero poderles ver el año que viene.


Familia Tesi Garcia



Que Bien os lo pasais y Que buena organizacion teneis ....Hoy es el ultimo dia del Oscar y os Vuelvo a Felicitar...ha sido superrrrrrrr Feliz...

Un beso y gracias por todo.... A TODOS

Manoli Perez



As each day, we look forward to your news and we draw a smile when we see the happy faces of children. We believe that they have learned many things and possibly will be them who explain how to deal with them now when they return.

We, as parents, we would also like to come to a magical camps that would help us to continue the great work you do in La Granja.

I sincerely congratulate you, and we want to explain to everyone what we found with the good work you do.

Regina and Joseph.




I am the mother of Ariadna and Helena, and also something of Ona, Jana and Luna. I say something because I don’t know if I am the great-aunt, cousin, aunt... but I know what I love them, and that's the most important!

My daughters were in these camps and so fantastic! We were so happy and we wanted to repeat!

I loved the story! I waited impatiently each day the next chapter and I've already printed to give a copy to each of my daughters to have it and are they read from time to time.

The photos have helped me to see what they are enjoying together, and the video was great!

A kiss to all my girls (Ariadna, Wave, Moon, Helena and Jana) and for the other children and monitors a very strong hug!

We see on Saturday!



Today is Monday, a strange Monday, because this time we don’t perceive it as a beginning, but rather as an end.

Have been five weeks, full of emotions, feelings, magic conversations and lots and lots of enthusiasm... The seeds you have planted these days, we'll try to follow watering during the year, in order to root well and grow strong healthy and vigorous within us. The joy, self-esteem, love, friendship, optimism... And those weeds that appear from time to time (which will also be sure), we will try to pull them away so we do not pollute our little large orchard.

Just one word: THANK YOU.

Thanks to all, to you for the great work you are doing, to Unai and Nil monitors (Clara and Albert) for all the love given to the assistants, for the great help, to Peter, to the Lore ... The horses, goats, pigs, ducks, the Pimpampum, the fairy, princess, seed sellers, ... And everyone (young and old) who participated in this magical adventure.

It has made us grow and learn a lot. We look forward, and a little sad, to arrive on Friday to enjoy together a farewell we know it will be great.

A big hug!





How days go by, we're through Thursday and we still have a lot of things we want to do with the kids! We always take time to do whatever we want to do, because when you give more, the children response is better.

Now it is as if they are in a run, as if the car that we go through life had taken a cruise, costs them nothing, they understand things they like and want more and more!

Now we are at another time, they do with surprising speed, this is when changes really begin. We're receiving comments from mums and dads that we want to share with you. You still have a few days, so if you want to say something, go ahead!

In addition to a photo, attach a report on Emotional Education "Criatures" from ARA diary. We participate in it, in fact, the photos are from La Granja and all that says you will sound. So, if you want to share your experience with us, maybe this can be easy and important to explain to friends or family the special and different camps we are living.

Miriam (teaching coordinator)



Dear Cristina,

Like every year, only four lines to thank you the important task you are doing with our children.

In our case, Marc has 13 years. For him, this is the happiest day of the year. La Granja is his "little paradise", where everything is perfect: monitors, place, food...In all of these years, he never said anything liked. This is why we are so quiet and so grateful. All the words I can say are little. Marc, is the “forest bird” and La Granja, is where he has the necessary to enjoy: nature, animals, horses ... Everything to him is important!

Thanks for making my son so happy.

M ª. Carmen.


Good afternoon,

I am a mother who has two kids aged 9 and 7 years at La Granja. Last year, at the end of the course, my kids told me that was the best camps of their life! Since then, there no other possible evaluations about the other summer centers.

The other day, my son asked me to keep it a water balloon, with the bad luck that it broke. My daughter who was with me said:

- Mama, are you sad?

I still did not answer he continued....

- How do you feel???


I just wanted to congratulate you on the work you do with children. It's great the way you have to make them understand life.

On Saturday, I enjoyed the seminar where I saw the place where you're working and the facilities. It was really impressive.

Congratulations and best wishes!




At home, the kids, we have explained the many adventures that have lived and seen from "Carlota the cow", goats who eat it all, a lot of horses (FireAslanPepper ...). Each of the corners of this very special FARM has become part of our lives.

The seeds have been planted, and will continue planting to get good fruits. Their faces full of emotion, the words, the songs…And their expressive eyes every night when we remember the special moments in La Granja as if we were there too.

One of these nights, my child said to me: "THANKS FOR THE EXPERIENCE IN LA GRANJA". I think this phrase is the resume of EVERYTHING.




I just give you thanks for your work, for my son had not been a good year at school. So, thanks to La Granja, has returned to be happy, talkative and cheerful, his face has changed!

Thank you very much again for everything! I hope you'll continue with this spirit that makes our children will be people, with all that the word implies.