"On the hanging bridge I felt what I had in my heart "– Oriol, 9


With horseback riding. For children from 6 to 14

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  •      Riding course (for groups)
  •      Leadership with horses
  •      The thermometer of self-esteem
  •      Rock climbing to gain emotional awareness
  •      Working as a team on a "Mission Possible"
  •      Sailing as a team to learn about trust
  •      To guide or be guided: training responsibility
  •      Building log cabins to train empathy
  •      And many more emotional adventure activities
  •      Daily dip in the pool with on-duty lifeguard
  •      Activities with animals and in the forest



  • Disco music, games with flashlights, story-telling and observation of the sky, night trekking and closure festival

Daily schedule

  • 08,30am: Good morning and tidying up the rooms
  • 09,00am: Breakfast and getting ready for activity
  • 10,00am: RIDING CLASS
  • 11,30am: Preparing for the pool
  • 12,00am: SWIMMING
  • 1,00pm: Lunch
  • 2,00pm: Free time (table games, ping-pong, ...)
  • 3,00pm: ACTIVITY
  • 5,00pm: Afternoon snack
  • 5,30pm: ACTIVITY
  • 7,00pm: Shower and tidying up rooms
  • 8,00pm: Dinner
  • 9,00pm: NIGHT ACTIVITY
  • 10,00pm: Preparing for bedtime
  • 11,00pm: Good night


Fun and dynamic activities designed to train skills such as empathy, positive communication or the ability to work as a team, amongst others. All these skills allow to promote self-awareness and improve aspects such as self-esteem, tolerance against frustration and overcoming our fears.

The emotional camps at La Granja are some of the most powerful activities we offer, and include fun and dynamic workshops designed to train the social and personal abilities of children between 6 and 14 years of age. This includes emotional competences such as empathy, positive communication or the ability to work as a team, for example. The result after only one week is a significant increase in self-awareness, trust in one's own capabilities and emotional self-regulation, as well as training in overcoming fears and a better tolerance in the face of frustration (these results have been scientifically tested).

Traditionally, every summer there is a common theme which is translated into a story that all parents and children will read during camp (parents at  home and the children here with us). This story will somehow come true here at La Granja since the theme always has something to do with the reality of what is happening during the days they spend at camp. Thus, when parents pick their children up every day they will also experience camp activities and learn the tools they can continue to use at home after the summer.  


Registration is open starting January 25th at 10 am. 

If you want to meet us, there are three Open House days available if you wish to visit: March 27th, May 5th and 21st at 11am,  register here. If this is not possible, you can also visit us any day of the week, after making an appointment (Monday to Friday from 10am to 5,30pm) by calling our phone  93-848 11 25 (Anna)

Instructors: they are EMOTIONAL TRAINERS, prepared and trained following the Granja Method*. During the entire camp they work to promote motivation, cohesion and control of their group, underlining aspects such as emotional awareness and self-regulation, self-esteem and empathy.

During the night, the night tutor will watch that all goes well and that everyone is well rested. There are also specialists such as riding professors and a lifeguard.

*Scientifically tested Method that significantly helps to improve the  5 emotional competences (GROP Study by the University of Barcelona)