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The kids will enjoy days full of emotion, as well as maximize their work as a team and the cohesion of their group by doing adventure activities.

8-9 YEAR OLDS, 10-11 YEAR OLDS, 12-17 YEAR OLDS (3 days - 2 nights)

DYNAMICS IN ENGLISH: Introduction to the program (programa 100% anglès).

THE CLIMBING WALL: Climbing a wall with the aid of ropes.

OBSTACLE CIRCUIT: A circuit full of obstacles to overcome inside the forest.

SURVIVAL IN THE FOREST: What should we do to survive if we get lost in the forest? We will build log cabins and communicate in English while doing so!

ARCHERY: While practicing our marksmanship (aim) we will construct sentences in English.

RIDING CLASS: A horseback riding class for beginners inside a riding rink.

THE BRIDGE OF COMMUNICATION: A hanging bridge on which we will exchange positive messages in English with our companions..

THE BIG TEAM: A circuit full of challenges where communication in English will be of vital importance!

NIGHT TREKKING: A route through the forest at night using flashlights.

DISCO PARTY: Dancing at the disco!!!