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The objective of this program is to promote creativity and the skill to observe and deduce by solving an enigma. We will also train team work and cohesion, both very important skills to find a solution togeteher as a group.

8-9 YEAR OLDS and 10-11 YEAR OLDS (3 days - 2 nights)

4 ELEMENTS ENIGMA: Mr Salvador Massagué left for posterity an enigma that had to be solved: the enigma of the four elements. Since the game was created in 1986, it has only been solved three times, thus confirming that it is one of the most difficult and complex ones ever created in Catalonia.

FIRST ENIGMA - AIR: The element of air is associated with change, expansion, growth. In order to grow we need space, mobility, freedom to act. This space can only be created if we accept change and are brave enough to leave behind everything that we no longer need.

TEAM TRAINING: A circuit with different challenges where investigators will have to practice their skills to work as a team.

TRAINING TRUST: In order to investigate we will have to train our sense of trust and responsibility in an adventure circuit inside the woods.

SECOND ENIGMA - FIRE: The element of fire is associated to action, life force, building and destroying. If we have enough space, it is the perfect time to act and build what we want for ourselves. To build ourselves as we really wish to be.

TRAINING COURAGE: The investigators will have to face their fears and be brave. They will have to overcome the challenge of climbing the rock wall.

THIRD ENIGMA - WATER: The element of water is associated to feelings, emotions, purification. In order to build ourselves up we must know how to manage our emotional universe, learning to use tools and skills that allow us to build a solid construction.

WATER MESSAGES: Only if we are able to sync ourselves up and row in the same direction will we be able to solve this enigma (activity in the water).

FOURTH ENIGMA - EARTH: The element of earth is associated to structure, roots, values. We must give our construction (of ourselves) a solid base, a good foundation, a purpose.

TRAINING COMMUNICATION: A good investigator must be able to communicate assertively to find the right answers. We will train positivie communication on the hanging bridge.

NIGHT TREKKING: This activity is based on training the necessary skills to overcome one of the most common and ancestral fears: the fear of darkness.

DISCO PARTY: Music and dance both help to promote group cohesion and a sense of belonging. They generate endorphines and produce a great sense of joy.


This program can be adapted to 2 days (1 night)