Find the list of training activities specially designed for the teachers and school staff. Each year, about 1,000 teachers visit and attend to "La Granja, Ability Training Center" trainings, and when we talk to them and explain us their worries and needs, we do everything we can to help them out, like the ones described below!!


Training Session on Emotional Education for School Directors and Coordinators  A free day of ed. Emotional, practical and inspiring september 30, morning
Conferences for School Staff We offer lectures or talks for parents and for school staff pending
Day Trip for school staff at La Granja Let´s start or end the school year in a different way! from 10 to 14,15h + food
Emotional workshop for school staff at La Granja Training activities adapted to the needs of each school 2 days, 1 night
Certified Course for School Staff Do you want to train the school staff on Ed. Emotional? you don´t have enough budget and can't visit La Granja? Based on needs
School Units of Emotional Education for teachers  Practical Course 30h, powerful and diferent 30 hours
Educational Pils for Adults Are you a parent, educator or a professional who has to deal with people? from 10am to 5pm
Personal and Professional Development with horses Personal and Professional development with horses on demand