Day Trips

"La Granja, Ability Training Center": Invite the kids to act instead of being passive, inspire positive thinking, smell the scent of the forest, learn to trust... all while practicing English.

The objective is that pupils take a little while each day to experience the feeling of nature first hand, to live during an entire day with the added magical experience of learning. 


DAY VISITSKindergarden 6-7 year olds8-9 year olds10-11 year olds12 years and olderClassification
Bathed by the Woods    sí  sí   Senses

Awareness of our Senses

 sí  sí       Senses
Bravery and Overcoming Fear  sí       Emotional ed.
Autonomy    sí     Emotional ed.
Cohesion     Emotional ed.
How to Manage conflicts     Emotional ed.
Positive communication     Emotional ed.
How to tolerate frustration     Emotional ed.
Dear cell phone, I can't live without you       Emotional ed.
The Chestnut Festivity Popular Festivity
Enjoy Autumn       Nature
Halloween     English
Live Nativity Celebration        Popular Festivity
Carnival     Popular Festivity
Caga Tió Festivity        Popular Festivity populars
Enjoy Spring at the Montseny       Nature
Helping our Planet       Nature
A Visit to The Farm       Life at the Farm
Taking care of our environment     Nature
Pirates       Adventure
Bandits of the Montseny Mountains       Adventure
The big adventure     English
Autoconocimiento con el caballo     Emotional ed.
Aprendiendo juntos   Emotional ed.
Y al final, ¿qué nos queda?       Emotional ed.