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Nature school for one and two year old kids

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The project

  • What is looking? and see? 
  • The positive reinforcement
  • The ability of emotional consciousness
  • How do I feel?
  • The natural environment, the best classroom to learn from
  • Training abilities
  • Overcome fears

Example of one day

  • 08,00am to 09,00am Good morning! (extra service)
  • 09,00am to 09,15am Arrival children
  • 09,15am Class time!
  • 09,45am Getting ready to go outdoors. ‘Watching the sky’ (today's weather), ‘What we wear’ (choosing adequate clothes to go outdoors (coat, cap for sun, rain coat...).
  • 10,00am *Outdoor Activity (time spent outside according to weather).
  • 11,30am getting ready for lunch
  • 11,45am Lunch.
  • 12,30pm Afternoon nap (aprox.).
  • 14,45pm Parents pick up children!
  • 15,00pm Class time!
  • 15,00pm Activity outdoors
  • 16,00pm Afternoon snack.
  • 16,45pm Parents pick up children!

Natur school for a babys 

We offer a different type of education, where nature is our learning environment, and emotional ed and the concept of “yes I can” conform our own special methodology. Daily 3 hour walks through the woods, as well as activities with animals and our own vegetable garden. 

Prices and schedule

September - July


  • Christmas and 


  • All day schedule: 9,00am to 5,00pm (includes lunch and afternoon snack) price:  414 Euros
  • Only mornings + lunch : 9,00am to 3,00pm  price:  312 Euros 
  • Extra Good Morning schedule (from 8 to 9am) price: 63 Euros/month            


Enrollment fee: 12'0€

Siblings: 5% discount each sibling per month  + 50% discount on enrollment fee as of the second sibling.Price of school outfit  5% discount

School outfit for the Little farmers: 1 overalls, winter sweatshirt, backpack, diary, cap or hat, scarf and summer sweatshirt: total 97€

Occasional extra hours (in case you need some extra time occasionally):  20 minutes (1€); 30 minutes (1,50.-€); 1 hour (2,95.-€). This price will be included  in your monthly bill.

Timetable for dropping off/picking up children

Morning: can leave them between 9-9,15am. If you are late any day you can still drop them off until the time we do activity outdoors. After 9am children will have had to have breakfast so as not to delay beginning of morning activity.

Midday: Pick up at 2.45pm

Afternoon: can be picked up between 4,45pm and 5pm  (if you come earlier please let us know in advance).

Extra Service: Good morning, from 8am to 9am

Clothes child must have in class

Autumn-Winter (September to April):

  • Little farmer's kit : backpack, diary, warm track-suit for outdoors, overalls for class, warm cap and scarf.
  • to bring from home : raincoat (not a cape), gumboots, gloves, complete change of clothing, extra shoes, pacifier (if necessary), diapers (if necessary), wet towels and protective cream.

Spring (May to July)

  • Little farmer's kit: summer overalls.
  • to bring from home : bathing suit, tbig towel, thongs, suncap and cream, insect repellent and change of clothing.


  • A drinking cup. 
  • We will return soiled clothes to you. 
  • Overalls and coats must have a strip to hang on peg.
  • Clothes should all be marked with child's name.
  • Clothes should be "all purpose", nothing fancy or complicated, such as belts, etc
  • Preferably, shoes should be tied with "velcro" (easier to put on and take off).


Lunch time

Lunch at 11.45am approximately. The menu is well- balanced, has been elaborated by a specialist in nutrition.

Our meals are totally homemade cooking with natural ingrediants. Shopping of ingrediants is done in totally reliable stores (we have been cooking for children for over 30 years now!! ).

Teachers are in charge of teaching good eating habits at mealtimes. (Parents will be informed so they can follow in the same steps if they see it fit ... thus the child will not be confused by receiving different types of instructions. It is very important that we act as a "team" in this sense, don't you think !)

When you register we will ask you about food allergies, if any.

If the child needs a special diet, please let us know in the morning so we can tell our cook to prepare it.

Children will have an afternoon snack at 4pm.

Celiac children or those with special diets requiring specific ingredients (bread or pasta without gluten etc...) will have to provide them from home and we will cook them according to your specific instructions in this sense.

Nap time

After lunch the children will have a nap, a chance to rest and recover from morning activities.

If a child feels ill or gets hurt

  • If  child has a fever or does not feel well we will call you to pick him up 
  • If he has a little scratch we will do first aid (also with previous authorization signed by you)
  • If he gets more seriously hurt we will call you to pick him up to see a doctor.


Two reports will be made every year, as well as follow-up meetings with teachers (according to every child's needs).

Teachers will share daily progress and activity with you on a daily basis.

Photos and Videos

During  the year we will take pictures and videos of the activities, special fun moments and also celebrations in class.

Festivals for parents

Christmas Festival and End of year Festival for parents, friends and so on.