Invite our children to act instead of being passive, inspire positive thinking, smell the scent of the forest, trust, overcome fears, practice english...

Why are we different?

  • An independent house and dining room all to yourselves
  • 250.000 sq mts of facilities completely dedicated to education
  • Homemade food, including any type of food intolerance or allergies
  • Monitors trained in Emotional ed. and/or who speak in three languages to perform activities in English
  • Free training in Emotional ed. for teachers who come to camp with their students
  • Camp in English with no added cost from 3rd grade on
  • We work with the intent to train the social skills of students such as team work, empathy, positive communication, self esteem, and so on. Tell us what the specific needs or difficulties of your group are and we will address them during the activities with the La Granja Method©